Moe Geromette . . . . . . .

In Memory of Moe Geromette   I have known Moe for over 35 years as a Referee, Coach, Board Member, and as a Friend. And this association was extremely rewarding for me on a personal level. His unique brand of humor had real substance and always brightened any conversation and… Go To Full Post

In Case of Emergency . . . . .be ready

In case of emergency — be ready By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a written set of systems and processes that are followed if a serious health or environmental condition occurs. By having a plan and rehearsing it ahead of the season it gives an… Go To Full Post

Refereeing: the key part is to start. . . . . . .

Refereeing: the key part is to start — and to be fit By Randy Vogt Every beginner is a winner! If you are just starting out officiating, then you have not made anywhere near the number of mistakes I’ve made on the field, and hopefully you never will. I began… Go To Full Post

We have a National Champion again . . . . . . PSG MI Gators 02 …under 14 Girls

Under-14 Girls: BRYC 01 Elite (VA) 0-1 PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) earned their second consecutive National Championship title after defeating BRYC 01 Elite (VA), 1-0. BRYC and PSG led their bracket in the Under-14 Girls group play, and although PSG defeated BRYC,… Go To Full Post