Spring 2016 Preliminary Divisioning

Preliminary divisions for Spring 2016 can be found HERE. Placement into the two U-12 MYSL Cup divisions was based upon the total points earned through the Fall 2015 season. PLEASE NOTE: Please submit requests via the “Contact MYSL” form located HERE.… Go To Full Post

Attention 2016 MYSL Cup Team Officials – Final Fall Point Adjustment

This the last call to all Fall 2015 U-12 team officials, whose teams are shown as competing for the 2016 MYSL Cup. The top 10 teams in the Boys and Girls divisions for Spring 2016 will be set January 10, 2016. No corrections to the points will be accepted after… Go To Full Post

Fall 2015 Final Standings

Final standings, and trophy collection information for the Fall 2015 season can be found by clicking here.… Go To Full Post

Attention 2016 MYSL Cup Team Officials

To properly assign points to 2016 MYSL cup teams, we must “link” the teams across Fall ’14, Spring ’15, and Fall ’15 seasons. We rely mostly on team names to help us perform this linking. As you may have noticed, points for Fall 15 are beginning to accumulate for some… Go To Full Post