Sleep well , play well (The teenager’s challenge)

soccerBallMidField    Sleep well, play well (The teenager’s challenge) (For those parents and coaches welcoming a new generation of teenagers, the Youth Soccer Insider republishes this article, which last appeared in March 2013.) By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. I’m sure anyone who’s raised an adolescent or teenager can attest to… Go To Full Post

How the Game has Changed in the Past Four Decades ……..

soccerBallInNet    How the Game Has Changed in the Past Four Decades By Randy Vogt Having started playing youth soccer in the 1970s, then taking up the whistle in 1978, I have seen many changes on the youth soccer landscape: The Girls Mia, Julie, Kristine and Brandi and now Abby… Go To Full Post

Tim Howard: I”ll rest when I retire . . . . . .

soccerBallMidField    Tim Howard: ‘I’ll rest when I retire’ By Mike Woitalla Tim Howard played the last of his 37 English Premier League games on May 11 and had just a few days off before joining the U.S. team at its World Cup preparation camp. “I’ve been doing this for… Go To Full Post

Keeping a Lid on Costs

cornerKick    Keeping the Lid on Costs Monday, April 28, 2014 Susan Boyd Recently, my oldest son announced he needed new cleats. As he put it: “Nothing special. Certainly, not top of the line. I just need cleats that don’t rip apart.” He said this right before he informed me… Go To Full Post