Is specialization the big culprit ? It’s NOT so simple……

Is specialization the big culprit? It’s not so simple By Mike Singleton In recent years there has been a growing discussion on youth sport injuries which I applaud wholeheartedly as it is a part of all of our jobs in youth sport to make sure the safety of children is… Go To Full Post

Teenager’s Challenge : Sleep well, play well

The teenager’s challenge: Sleep well, play well (For those parents and coaches welcoming a new generation of teenagers, the Youth Soccer Insider republishes this article, which last appeared in June 2014.) By Dev K. Mishra, M.D. I’m sure anyone who’s raised an adolescent or teenager can attest to the idea… Go To Full Post

Healthy Kids, Bright Futures (Workshop in Baltimore Jan.2016)

Healthy Kids,Bright Futures . . . . . . . .!!! February 21, 2015 by (Edit) Very Informative. . . . .!!!! Tips to eat healthy . . . . . . . .… Go To Full Post

From the US Youth Soccer Workshop in Baltimore (Jan2016)

Fun Maps for Young Soccer Players Amanda J. Visek, PhD, CC-AASP & Heather M. Manning, M.S. (The George Washington University, Milken Institute School of Public Health, Department of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences) Fun. Everyone wants to have it. However, few can easily describe what “it” is. Such is no longer… Go To Full Post