Why I Ref: A View from the Middle

soccerPlayersHuddle    Why I Ref: A View from the Middle By Mike Woitalla By 9:30 last Saturday morning I had run more than three miles, earned $20, and had been in the middle of a bunch of kids thoroughly enjoying the beautiful game. I’ve reffed five games in two weeks,… Go To Full Post

Congratulations to Miriam Hickey

soccerBallMidFieldCongratulations to Miriam Hickey January 31, 2014  by   (Edit) Coach of the Year Award  Director of Coaching Miriam Hickey was awarded the 2013 Girls Youth North Region Coach of the Year by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. Her accomplishments and commitment to the youth game have… Go To Full Post

Coordinated tryout process would help relieve Spring Stress

soccerBallMidFieldCoordinated tryout process would help relieve spring stress By Tyler Isaacson Soccer teams are finally able to get outside to begin their practices in preparation for the spring season. It’s a far cry from the indoor space many of us have been confined to for the past few months here… Go To Full Post

11 Tips for Coaching the Little Ones

soccerBallMidField11 Tips for Coaching the Little Ones By Mike Woitalla “I got recruited to coach my kid’s soccer team. Any advice?” The most recent time I heard this question, it came from a parent of a 6-year-old. It prompted me to put an answer in writing, based on some of… Go To Full Post