Great Time was here again,
The Banquet started, like always, with the wonderful and enjoyable dinner.
Followed with the 2019 President’s Awards presented by our President Dave Harris, who
was the MC also. MYSL thanks the recipients for their outstanding efforts and dedication
to Youth Soccer. 
Raffle tickets sales were extremely well due to the variety of valuable prizes.- TV, IPATS,
Many could not “resist” the gorges “Candy and Sweet” display. Many “SECRET” pictures were taken at
the FOTO BOOTH. As a “Bonus” we had three Ladies who ” Projected Your Future ”                                                          Do we have a lucky lottery winner ??                                                                                                                                          The most impressive event has been the GENEROUS MONETARY DONATIONS for
the Detroit Children Hospital !  A total of $ 6,600.00 Dollars!! Thank You so much !!
The music had flair and enticed more and more dancers as the evening progressed.
We do NOT want anyone go home “hungry”, so at 11:00pm pizza and cookies were surfed.
To make this wonderful event a success, our Vice President Yvonne Curtis and her staff,
made the Banquet a memorable event again !!!
See You ALL again at the Banquet in 2016.

>…. more to follow