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April 9, 2021

As we begin the MYSL Spring 2021 Season – All teams wishing to participate in the MYSL are expected to comply with the following two notices:

 I.   All MYSL teams which have games scheduled from April 2, 2021 to April 19, 2021 must comply with the MDHHS order that requires all youth athletes to be tested weekly prior to participating in any practices or games.
          Among those requirements ALL TEAMS MUST comply with are:
          1.   Enrollment in the MI Safer Sports Youth Testing program and is currently conducting our own testing and reporting to MDHHS
                 OR   Have secured a 3rd party testing laboratory that is testing your players and reporting to the state.

II.   ALL MYSL teams, with the danger of Covid -19 still present in our communities, MYSL places an emphasis on playing the games not the final score. 

Although, at this point MYSL will keep standings, however with all the challenges we collectively face including player’s health and referee availability, a spirit of fairness, civility and cooperation among ALL Teams participating in the MYSL is expected! Further, the MYSL respectfully requests that social distancing include both pre and post game activities to avoid unnecessary opportunity for covid to spread beyond the field to our families and friends. 
As always the MYSL Board, together with all its affiliated member organizations thanks you and wishes you a Safe and successful Spring 2021 Season!