Club Passcards are available to all MYSL Leagues and Clubs with the objective of allowing coaches to move players within their own League/Club based on a player’s development needs and specific team needs.

Abusing or violating any of the MYSL rules and regulations while using Club Passcards is a serious offense and will be dealt with as such.

Each participating League/Club must give MYSL an approved logo that will be printed on all of their passcards.  This enables the referee and opposing team to determine that there may be Club Passcard players participating in an MYSL league game. The official MYSL game sheet must note, in the spaces provided, ALL players competing in that game who are using their Club Passcards, supplying their name, original team, age group and division. FAILURE TO FILL OUT GAME SHEETS PROPERLY COULD RESULT IN A MISUSE OF CLUB PASSCARDS AND A VIOLATION OF REGULATIONS AS STATED BELOW.

[ The MSPSP club passcard rules have been included as a separate adendum at the end of these rules]

MYSL Competition Rules by AGE GROUP are:

FOR AGE GROUPS U-11 and above

  • A player can only use a Club Passcard to play on a team competing in a higher ranked division of competition than that indicated on his/her registered team’s Club Passcard OR an older age group. FOR AGE GROUPS U-13 and HIGHER a player may not move down a division. FOR AGE GROUPS U-11 and U-12 a player may move up or down divisions in their Age Group. A player may not play in an age group lower than shown on his/her passcard (even if otherwise age appropriate).
  • A player may not move up more than two age groups. At  no time can you Club Passcard a player to a team playing in the same division and age group.
  • Teams playing 9 v 9 or 11 v 11 may move up NO MORE than FOUR PLAYERS for any given game.
  • Teams must, at all games, meet all age group roster requirements; roster size cannot be increased beyond the specified roster size as shown by the MYSL playing grid for each age group.

FOR AGE GROUPS U-8, U-9 and U-10

  • A player can use a Club Passcard to PLAY for any of their specific Club/League teams in their respective age groups, while playing in either U-8, U-9 or U-10.  A player may not play in an age group lower than shown on his/her passcard (even if otherwise age appropriate). For example, a U-8 player registered on a U-10 team cannot Club Passcard down to a U-8 or U-9 team.
  • At  no time can you Club Passcard a player to a team playing in the same division and age group.
  • Teams playing small-sided games (6v6, and 7v7), can move up NO MORE than THREE players for any given game.

Penalty points (YELLOW/RED CARDS)

  • Cards accrued will remain with the player on the player’s originally registered team.  The penalized player must serve (sit out) his/ her penalty at the next physically played league game of their originally registered team, regardless of which team he/she was playing for when the card was received.
  • Please Note:  In order to avoid forfeiting a game and possible league position in the standings you must mark clearly that the player is serving his/her penalty for a red card or yellow card infraction on your game sheet.
  • If a player receives three (3) or more yellow cards in any seasonal year, they must sit out a game. This applies to all league play regardless of which team and or teams they received the yellow cards with.  THREE (3) YELLOW CARDS IN REGULAR LEAGUE PLAY require a player to sit out one (1) game with his rostered team.


  • Teams that misuse Club Passcards will forfeit the games in which the players participated and both the team and its league/club will be fined $100.00 for the first violation.  Upon the second violation, the head coach will incur a fine of $250.00 and a three-game suspension, and your league/club will be fined $250.00.  Upon the third violation, the head coach will be fined $500.00 and will receive a one-year suspension, and your team’s league/club will have to post a $500.00 bond for the next seasonal year.

If anyone has any questions regarding the use of Club Passcards, please contact Yvonne Curtis or David Harris.  Contact info found here

 The Michigan State Premier Program the MSPSP Club Passcards Rules are:

1. MSPSP registered teams may utilize players from within both the same club and affiliated league to participate in the team’s MSPSP league games.

2. Players utilized in this manner are considered “Club Passcard Players”.

3. Players wishing to Club Passcard to an MSPSP team must be currently registered with MSYSA.

4. Players can Club Passcard up a maximum of two age groups from their eligible age group.

5. MSPSP teams are limited to three (3) club passcarded players per game.

6. Teams utilizing an MSPSP club passcard player must meet all other roster requirements.

7. Game day rosters may not exceed 18 total players including club passcarded players.

8. Players can Club Passcard a maximum of twice a week with the week starting on Sunday.

9. Players may Club Passcard within their own age group only from a lower division team to a higher division team.

10. Players cannot club passcard down in competition.  MRL and National League players may not participate in MSPSP.

11. At the U13 age group in the fall season, players may Club Passcard across the statewide divisions.  Players registered on a statewide team may not Club Passcard into the regional division.  Regional division players may Club Passcard onto statewide teams.