1. Beginning June 1, 2013, all coaches, managers and team officials must view and present, at MYSL Registration, the certificate of completion issued after completing the video session (approximate completion time: 20 minutes).  Click here to access the video.
  2. MYSL will require this form with registration from each player and parent/guardian.  
  3. For more information on concussion prevention & control, please visit www.cdc.gov/concussion.

Here is a link to all of the Field Insurance Certificates in one large .pdf file, also displayed in full below.  We recommend downloading the file, and using the find feature in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to locate the insurance form(s) you require.

Download (PDF, 4.97MB)



Club/League Forms:

MYSL League/Club Affiliation ( E-Form ) – MUST be submitted by every League/Club at registration

Club/League Payment Form and Early Passcards ( E-Form )


Team Forms:

MYSL Player Registration Form (SportsForms)  – Mandatory

MYSL Player Release/Transfer ( link ) – As Needed

MYSL Dual Roster Form ( E-Form ) – As Needed



MSPSP Affiliation & Sponsoship Form ( pdf )

MSPSP Team Invoice Form ( Excel )


Lecture and field practice sessions via the National Soccer Coaches Association of America can be located at the following site: LINK

MYSL hereby announces effective immediately it expects all of its teams, officials, leagues, clubs and members to be in compliance with the “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 (S.534)” . The attached further explains the key provisions and responsibilities of the Act. All affiliated members are instructed to make sure their team’s coaches, managers, trainers and officials are aware of and knowledgable of the provisions.

We will keep you informed as further clarification is provided by U.S. Soccer and MSYSA.

MSYSA Announcement:

Download (PDF, 206KB)

NSCAA Announcement:

Download (PDF, 124KB)

MYSL:  Registering as League or Club

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Go To the MYSL Forms page HERE.
    1. Fill out and submit the “MYSL League/Club Affiliation” form,
    2. Fill out and submit the “Club/League Payment Form and Early Passcards” form. Upon submission of this form, you will receive a PDF copy via email. Bring a copy along with a check (no cash) for the total shown on the Invoice.  The check should be made payable to Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL).  Your check should indicate your League or Club name on the memo line.

MYSL:  Registering a Team

[If your team does not have a GOTSOCCER account, please contact Deanna Gorde or Donna Pounds.  Their contact information can be found HERE

Every MYSL Team must register each season as follows

  1. Enter the Team into the appropriate MYSL event (e.g., Spring 2021) through the following GOTSOCCER link: https://system.gotsport.com/event_regs/3d8c62471b
    • When registering for the event, you will be prompted to select the division for each Team.  It is very important to choose the correct division in GOTSOCCER.
  2. MYSL division options in descending strength of competition are (All requests for division are pulled from GOTSOCCER, and your choice should be your preferred division request.  Scheduling contact information will be entered at this time.):  
    1. Premier
    2. Major
    3. Red
    4. White
    5. Green.
    6. For illustrated instructions on GOTSOCCER, CLICK HERE.
  3. IF YOU MAKE ANY MISTAKES WHEN ENTERING YOUR TEAM IN GOTSOCCER (e.g., wrong age group, wrong division, name not correct, wrong gender), PLEASE email the MYSL DIRECTOR OF COACHING by clicking HEREMYSL WILL MAKE THE CHANGES FOR YOU.  DO NOT RE-ENTER THE TEAM.
  4. A Club/League administrator may enroll all their teams into the MYSL event using their GOTSOCCER account.
    • If you are using Club Passcards, please provide MYSL with your official Club/League Logo, which will be printed on your passcards. 
    • Please see the playing grid found in MYSL Rules and Regulations.  CLICK HERE for the grids.
    • Print a copy of your SPRING 2021 UPDATED ROSTER and include it with your Spring registration packet.
    • For Dual Rostering Players please see the Player Registration Section.


  1. Using your existing GOTSOCCER team account, update your rosters with any new  players, coaches, or managers, if applicable.
    • NOTE: Do not put returning teams into GOTSOCCER as a new team.
  2. Please remember no more than two transfer players are allowed on any team.
  3. Print a copy of your SPRING 2021 UPDATED ROSTER and include it with your Spring registration packet.

MYSL PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM to be submitted as follows: 

  1. Every parent with a child participating in MYSL must go to https://www.SportsForms.club/mysl.html prior to MYSL Registration and submit the web form to upload the players proof-of-age document.
  2. They must also complete/sign the required player registration and COVID document.
    • Both Parent and Player have portions of the documents to sign. When completed by both signers, the parent will receive a copy of the document returned via email (for their records).
  3. Parent/Athlete Acknowledgement Form (aka CONCUSSION FORM). It must be signed, and you are required to retain it with your teams records. If MYSL needs these forms at any time, you will have 72 hours to submit them to us.  You can find the form HERE.
    • Please Note: For those Clubs who also use SportsForms and are designated by SportsForms as Premier Club Partners, the MYSL documents are collected automatically as part of the club’s ‘normal’ document collection process. Parents of players in those clubs should follow the instructions given by their club administrators.
  4. Any NEW PLAYER who did not play on your team in the Fall must go to https://www.SportsForms.club/mysl.html to submit the web form to upload their proof-of-age document and complete/sign the required player registration and COVID documents. Both Parent and Player have portions of the documents to sign. When completed by both signers, the parent will receive a copy of the document returned via email (for their records).
  5. Dual Rostered Players – All MYSL Dual Rostered Players must complete a dual rostered form found HERE and register as an MYSL Player completing the MYSL SportsForms registration process.
  6. Transferred Players properly released and transferred must submit a new registration through SportsForms as part of the MYSl registration process.
  7. Players moving between teams within the same Club/League are not required to submit a new SportForms registration.
    • PASSCARDS (Upload their pictures into GOTSOCCER at MSYSA.org) 
    • A completed CORE SAFESPORT training certificate 
      • Information on the Safe Sport Authorization Act can be found HERE.
  2. All coaches and managers must complete the Concussion Regulations located HERE

NOTE: No passcards will be released until the certificates of completion are provided to the MSYL Registrar(s). 


Here is a link to all of the Field Insurance Certificates in one large .pdf file, also displayed in full below.  We recommend downloading the file, and using the find feature in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to locate the insurance form(s) you require.

Download (PDF, 7.1MB)

The focus of this discussion was risk reduction for both players and club/leagues in the game of soccer.


Of particular interest was the PEP program (Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance) developed by the Santa Monica Sports Medicine Foundation in an effort to reduce ACL claims.  (Visit smsmf.org for more information.)   This program replaces the warmup most teams/players do at practices and before games.  It was mentioned that the PEP program can be modified for U-12 players.  To introduce this program, you should consider having a professional from the PEP program or orthopedist who believes in the technique give a talk to your coaches.  It has been found to reduce ACL injuries.

Risk Reduction

Risk reduction for clubs/leagues continues to focus on concussions and their long-term effects on players.  Most of the claims for concussions are currently medical claims (reimbursement for costs of medical care), but liability claims are on the horizon.  This risk should be managed by both (1) liability insurance and (2) by coach and player education.

Liability insurance policies should be scrutinized carefully.  Does the policy require coach education or certain headgear for coverage to be in effect?  Does it specify that a player must sit out and be released for play by a medical doctor?  Each coach and soccer organization (each stakeholder) must be aware of the terms of the policy and the risks involved in playing after a concussion (again, the effects of subsequent concussions are cumulative).  If a claim goes to court, the first question the court will ask is, ‘Were you aware of the risk?’

Concussion claims occur from either player-to-player contact or goalpost contact.

Player-to-player contact brings up a discussion about baseline testing and release back to play.  Baseline testing is still not mandatory in U.S. soccer, and so the primary responsibility for sitting a player out or putting the player back on the field falls on the coach.  This puts much responsibility on the coach and almost as much on the referee!!  A referee has the ability though to pull the player card.

Goalpost injuries can be reduced by prohibiting homemade goals, properly anchoring goals and warning players (with stickers or supervision) that it is dangerous to climb on the goalposts.  One other mention was that the club/league must know who owns the goals.  Liability for an accident will be put squarely on the owner.  Even if the goals are donated to a city’s parks and rec division, a paperwork trail should be maintained.

Sexual Misconduct

Coaches should be reminded of their vulnerability in any one-on-one situation.  They should keep professional barriers in place:  team activities/buddy system/no small groups.  Vulnerability also includes transporting players in a car (with the insurance coverage necessary for that activity).

And social networking today brings even more opportunity for lowering that professional barrier between coach and player.  A coach should cover himself or herself by addressing every email/text/communication to both players and parents.  And the web should be searched once in a while to see what info or photo of you, your team or your club is available to be seen by good guys or bad guys.  Be vigilant.

Below you will find the MYSL Tournament Only Roster form.  The form can be downloaded via the “Download” link.

Download (DOC, 58KB)

RECOGNIZE to RECOVER is U.S. Soccer’s comprehensive player health and safety program aimed at promoting safe play and reducing injuries in soccer players of all ages.

The program, which was developed with the help of medical experts, will provide coaches, players, parents and referees with information, guidance and additional educational materials to improve the prevention and management of injuries.

For more information, visit the Recognize to Recover page on the US Soccer website: HERE.