MYSL has made improvements to our score submission system.  Beginning with the Fall 2012 season, in order to submit a score for a game, please follow the following process:

  1. The MYSL game is concluded.
  2. Final score submitted by the winning team (registration code needed for submission).
  3. Score is then sent to MYSL to apply to game and league standings.
  4. MYSL applies score to game and official league standings.

What if the Submitted Score is Incorrect?

If an incorrect score is submitted, the correct score can be submitted via a new score submission form.  All revisions are subject to review.

An Incorrect Score was Submitted, Approved, and Applied to the League Standings. What now?

If an incorrect score for one of your games is posted on Schedules and Standings, please go through the "Submit Score" link for that game, and submit the new score.  The program will then follow the same process as a freshly submitted score.  All rvisions are subject to review.

I Do Not Wish to Submit My Scores Via the Online Score Submission Form.

If you do not wish to submit your score via the online score submission form, you can send the scores to  Please include the Game Number, the home team score and the away team score.  Please note that MYSL will charge $10 per submission for all scores submitted this way.