MYSL Policies on Michigan State Premier Program:

  1. No team will be considered for sponsorship to the state premier league unless they finish first or second in the MYSL’s first division.  This means a team MUST play in the MYSL for at least one season.
  2. Teams are sponsored for the seasonal year so teams sponsored in the fall need not re-apply in the spring.  All teams must apply in the fall.
  3.  Teams sponsored to the state premier league will pay a $75 fee in addition to registration fees.

MYSL Fines; Fees; and Policies:

  1. A team causing a forfeit:
    1. will be fined $100 per forfeit.
    2. will not be awarded 1st or 2nd place trophies.
    3. will not be considered for sponsorship to the state premier league.
    4. the club/league sponsoring the team who causes the forfeit will
    5. post a $500 bond for the following season.
    6. the team causing a forfeit will pay all referee fees.
  2. All coaches, trainers, managers and individuals who are involved with teams playing in the MYSL must have or be in the process of securing a “Risk Management Card”.  The Risk Management Card must be clearly displayed at all games. Any team in violation of this policy will be fined $500 and suspended indefinitely.
  3. No club or league may register any teams until all fines are paid in full.
  4. A club/league must have a minimum of 3 teams, a board of directors with a minimum of three individuals and an odd number of directors. MYSL must first have approved a current set of by-laws to be considered for membership in the MYSL.
  5. All game changes after scheduling must be mutually agreed to by both coaches.  Games rescheduled without the approval of the MYSL Commissioner will not count in the final standings and the team initiating the change will be fined $100.  This applies to all game changes including rainouts or games abandoned due to darkness.
  6. Each member league/club must have a representative at our scheduled membership meetings.  Failure to provide a representative will result in a $100 fine.
  7. U-8 through U-12 teams are expected to play in their age appropriate league.  U-13 participants and older may play up but participation with more than one age group up is discouraged.
  8. Teams may register as many dual rostered players as they wish but teams who dual roster more than two players must play in our first division. Failure to comply with this restriction will result in a $100 fine and the team will not be awarded first or second place trophies.
  9. Player suspensions and cards DO carry over and the player/coach must sit out the specified games the following season.  Failure to comply will result in forfeit and the player/coach will be required to sit out the following game.
  10. Players who are suspended at tournaments must sit out the remaining suspension during league play.  League suspensions must be served during MYSL league play.


This list has been compiled for your convenience and is not meant to be all inclusive.  Teams participating in the MYSL must follow the league, state and national by-laws.  If you have any questions regarding registration please contact the appropriate Registrar.  If you have any questions regarding the competitions within the MYSL these fines fees or policies contact the Commissioner.