LOG ON to www.gotsoccer.com

  1. Click on “Teams” and then enter your username and password in the “Individual Coach” or “Manager” section.NOTE: If you do not have your username or password or Got Soccer is not accepting it, pleases contact your club as they will be able to access Go Soccer and either create an account for you or email you the username and password.
  2. Once you log in, click on “Contact Information” and make sure that your full legal name is listed as well as your correct birth date.
  3. Then click on “Background Check” on the far right-hand side. If you are already approved or linked with your previous Risk Management (RM) status, you will see a box with your report number and an option to “Print Card.”
  4. If you are not approved, you will see an option to “Submit New Report” or “Check Reports.” You must click on “Check Reports” to attempt to link your old status with your new Got Soccer account.
  5. If you are matched, the system will show you as approved and populate your RM status and number.
  6. If the system does not return a match to any records, please again go into your “Contact Information” and ensure that you are using the full name that you originally used to apply for RM. Once complete, you can “Check Records” again to see if your updated name can be found in the old system.
  7. If you are not coming up with anything after trying different variations of your name, please email the MSYSA State Office and provide the following information. The State Office will investigate further.
    1. Full Legal First and Last Name
    2. Email Address
    3. Original Approval Date/Expiration Date
    4. Address