MYSL will be implementing and incorporating key initiatives for the 2016 SPRING AND FALL SEASONS.

In recognition of the issues these changes involve, MYSL has provided extensive background and educational material, including associated links where available, as indicated below.

The changes are as follows:

I) Effective immediately — for players U11 and younger, heading has been eliminated.

         Please see the “No heading U11 and Younger” online item in the subsection titled Other Important Information found under the MYSL Team Management tab on the home page.


II) MYSL supports the initiative by US Soccer – Recognize to Recover program [R2R].

MYSL has provided extensive articles and discussion on this initiative online. Please see the drop-down menu on our MYSL Information tab.

We highly recommend that each Affiliated member become familiar with this program.

The elements contained in the initiative are intended to give U.S. Soccer Organization members, as well as players, parents, team/club staff and coaches, and referees, guidance and direction when dealing with head injuries and potential head injuries that occur during soccer participation.

Included in the U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative are specific changes to rules on substitutions and heading for certain age groups. These changes include:

  • Modify substitution rules to allow players who may have suffered a concussion during games to be evaluated without penalty
  • Eliminating heading for children 10 and under
    • Please note that U11 is listed in the U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative document because U11 players can be 10 years old at the beginning of the season
  • Limiting the amount of heading in practice for children between the ages of 11 and 13

Again, please see the “US Soccer Recognize to Recover” item in the subsection titled Other Important Information found under the MYSL Team Management tab on the home page.


III) Effective for the 2016 Fall SeasonMYSL will adopt the US Soccer Birth Year Initiative for all teams beginning with the Fall 2016 Season.

Please see the “US Soccer Birth Year Initiative” item found under the MYSL Team Management tab on the home page.

You will find information which includes such topics as:

MSYSA Update Position and Directive 11/12/2015

Additional information and direction will be provided as it develops.

As part of adopting calendar year initiative, MYSL will shortly publish the playing age matrix effective for all teams registering to play in its 2016 Fall/2017 Spring Seasons.