Everything you need to register your team is on www.mspsl.org; we have envelopes from MSPSP, and if you need one, please contact me.

Please double check all of your information.  Each error is time-consuming and costly.  Please remember that every registration form must be signed by MYSL as your affiliating league. If you are adding a late player, that form also needs to be signed by MYSL, please call us at 586-604-2458 to make arrangements to have it signed.  All dual roster forms must also be signed by MYSL and they are also faxable.

Even though MSPSP is no longer collecting proof of birth, it is MYSL’s responsibility to collect proof of birth and, if asked, to provide it to MSPSP upon request.  No player will be registered without proof of birth.

Registration fees are to be paid to MYSL; MSPSP does not accept club or personal checks.

I will need a check for $625.00 per team; this will cover your registration fee to MSPSP and your affiliation fee for Fall.   MYSL plans to hire someone to pick up passcards and put them together.  If you would like this service, please include a $25.00 check payable to MYSL, and we will handle your passcard pick up for you.

If you owe any fines and/or bonds and they are not paid to MSPSP before registration and MYSL pays your fine or bond, please be advised that all fines and bonds will be doubled. For example, if you have an outstanding $50.00 fine with MSPSP and MYSL shows up at registration and the fine is still owed, you now owe $100.00.  Please check with MSPSP for all outstanding fines and/or bonds.

If you have any questions, please call Yvonne Curtis at 586-604-2458

Thank you: