To be completed by all Clubs and/or Leagues wishing to affiliate for the first time with Michigan Youth Soccer League.

 MYSL accepts application for affiliation for the next seasonal year (FALL session) through March of the current year.  Applications are reviewed and voted on by the Executive Board. Any Leagues/Clubs offered affiliation are further subject to ratification by the MYSL League Delegates at the next MYSL Annual General Meeting.

While MYSL recognizes the desire of an applicant to confirm its status for the next seasonal year as soon as possible following March, for various reasons delays could occur. Further, it should be noted that since no Leagues/Clubs are affiliated by MYSL for the next seasonal year prior to July 1st of the current year, July 1st is the deadline for status confirmation of MYSL affiliation.

(Please answer or supply all items in the order requested.)

  1. Completion of the Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL) League/Club Affiliation Form.
  2. A list of the Board of Directors of the League/Club requesting affiliation (such League or Club will be referred to hereafter as the League/Club).  This Board must be an odd number and cannot be less than three. This list must also include their addresses and telephone numbers. Further the identified Directors must have the legal authority (under the laws of the State of incorporation) to act for and on behalf the League/Club requesting affiliation.
  3. Copy of current by-laws signed by a League official.  These should not be in conflict with either the MYSL or the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) by-laws.
  4. Payment of all fees owed to MYSL as set from time to time by the MYSL Executive Board. Additionally, each League/Club seeking affiliation for the first time and approved for affiliation, will be required to present:
    1. An Initial Affiliation Fee payable to the MYSL in the form of a cashier’s or equivalent bank check in the amount of $ 3,000.00 is due at the earliest date of MYSL affiliation. Also, a $350.00 Performance Bond is also due and payable at the same time, which will be returned at the end of the completion of the first seasonal year provided MYSL good status has been maintained.
    2. An executed agreement of understanding which will detail the conditions causing forfeiture of the Initial Affiliation Fee. In the event of no conditions causing forfeiture, this Initial Affiliation Fee will be held and not returned until the end of June of the third seasonal year from the date of initial affiliation with the MYSL.
  5. Identification of fields to be used for playing MYSL games.
  6. Identification of how referee coverage will be achieved for all MYSL games.
  7. Statement detailing the number, age groups, and gender of teams requesting initial affiliation with MYSL
  8. A listing of current certification risk management numbers issued by the MSYSA for all coaches/trainers, managers, and Board Members of the League/Club. This requirement should include all adults whom the League/Club utilizes in the conduct of the League/Club’s activities and any adult with whom the players may regularly be expected to come in contact as part of their playing/training.
  9. A League/Club seeking to affiliate with MYSL must have at least three teams and 50 players.
  10. A statement indicating where the League/Club expects to obtain its players and what percentage of players are currently playing with the MYSL. The statement should include why current MYSL players would join your organization.
  11. Does the League/Club expect to hold open tryouts, and if so on what dates.
  12. MYSL currently has over 40 affiliated League/Clubs. Players are currently able to be selected by any one of a number of these affiliated members who have organized and affiliated over 550 teams. Please provide a brief statement to the MYSL Board explaining why MYSL’s approval of your affiliation request would add to the MYSL’s competition.

Also, please note, historically not all applications are accepted by MYSL, and applicants are encouraged to consider membership application in one of the many other leagues/soccer associations, including the several member organizations, operating similar to MYSL, of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association who are located in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Please refer to the MSYSA website for further information.

The above should be presented to the MYSL president prior to meeting with

The MYSL Executive Board for League affiliation approval.