Michigan Youth Soccer League (MYSL) insures all of its players and acquires field insurance for each affiliated League/Club by its payment to the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA).

In order for any insurance claims to be paid by MSYSA,  ALL of the following criteria must be meet:

  1. Player/Coach must be registered with MSYSA during time the accident occurred.
  2. Location must be insured during time the accident took place.
  3. Injury must be a soccer related injury.

Please list all practice and game fields by name and address on the attached Schedule A, failure to list a field will void your player and coach insurance at any field not insured, I understand that any injuries that take place at an uninsured field will be our responsibility of the affiliated League/Club shown below and not the responsibility of MYSL.

Once you have requested your insurance it will be available from MYSL Vice President – Yvonne Curtis or MYSL President – Dave Harris within 30 days of your request.  Insurance is renewed on August 31 of every year, once you request a field it will renew automatically.