Welcome to the latest site design for! Here is a summary of changes to aid you in navigating the site.

Simplified Menu Structure

The dropdown menu from the previous site had become quite large and difficult to navigate.  We’ve simplified the navigation of the site by having only root categories on the menu (now located down the left hand side of the site).  Each of these menu items will take you to a page containing links to relevant sub items.

If you’re used to finding what you’re looking for in the old structure, those menu items still remain in the “footer” section of the site, which you may reach by scrolling to the bottom.

Consolidated Calendar

There is now a single Calendar page (“MYSL Calendar” on the menu).  This page will have calendar entries for the current as well as future MYSL seasons.


MYSL Cup information and standings are now a part of the main website.  Please navigate to the “MYSL Cup” menu item on the left to find the latest info on MYSL Cup.

Schedules and Standings Unchanged

The Schedules and Standings section of the site remains unchanged.  Everything you were already accustomed to doing for checking your team’s standings, submitting game scores, and entering/updating scheduled dates/times is still in place on the new site.

Bookmarked Pages

If you have any pages from the previous site bookmarked, they will still work with the new site design.  No URLs have changed.


If you encounter any difficulties with the new site design or in finding the information you’re looking for, please contact us via the “Contact MYSL Representatives” link in the menu on the left hand side of the site.

Thank You.