Welcome to the new MYSL website.  Here’s a brief introduction to the new design.

Standings and Schedules

Standings and Schedules can be found via the link on the menu bar at the top of the site.  At the top of the Standings and Schedules page, you will find two drop-down menus.  The first is a list of all divisions.  The second is a season picker.  At the moment, only Fall 2011 can be chosen in the season picker, and can be left un-chosen as it will default.  Choose a division and click “show” to see that division’s Standings and Schedule.

Below the Standings grid is a section labeled “Matches.”  By default all matches in the selected division will show.  To trim the list down to a specific team in the chosen division, use the “Choose Team” drop down list and click “show.”

To print the Standings and Schedule, simply choose the print option in your browser of choice (often under the “file” menu in most browsers).

Score Reporting (coming soon)

By the time the Fall 2011 season begins, you will be able to report game scores and corrections directly on the MYSL website via the “Report a Score” link.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are listed in the panel on the right-hand side.  Click on any listed event for further details, if any exist.

Social Media

Receive MYSL updates via popular social networking sites.

Follow @MYSLFieldUpdate on Twitter for updates on field closings.

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MYSL Mobile

Open the MYSL website on the browser on your smartphone, and you will be automatically forwarded to a mobile- friendly version of the site.  From the palm of your hand, you can look up Rules and Regulations, Playing Grids, Standings and Schedules, etc.

More to come

We will be refining and adding more features in the coming months.  For any web-related issues, please contact MYSLWebmaster@michigansoccer.com