All clubs or leagues and their respective teams affiliated with MYSL will adhere to the risk management provisions of the MYSL and the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA). Any failure by any person(s) affiliated with this League to promptly comply with MYSL risk management provisions will cause their MYSL status to be changed to disqualified, and they will immediately suspend their MYSL associated activities until a satisfactory remedy is verified and approved by MYSL.

MYSL Regulation.

All coaches, trainers, manager and individuals who are involved with team playing in the MYSL must have or be in the process of securing a Risk Management Card from the MSYSA (available through their web site – msysa.net). Any team official in violation of this policy will be fined $500 and suspended indefinitely. The Risk Management Card must be clearly displayed at all games. Any team in violation of this policy will be fined. Failure to display for individuals: first violation if $50, second violation is $100 and a one-game suspension; third violation is $250 and a three-game suspension along with disciplinary action by MYSL.

If upon investigation, it is found that any individual directly involved with a team is not Risk Management-certified, the offending team will be immediately suspended, all games in which the ineligible officials were involved will be forfeited, and the individual will be automatically MYSL-disqualified for a period of one year. If properly certified individuals cannot be found to direct the team, the team can no longer participate in the MYSL.

MYSL GAMES & Risk Management Cards.

The Referee MUST CHECK risk management cards for all team officials. Individuals not in possession of a risk management card must provide picture identification, print their name and sign the back of the original white lineup sheet. This failure to have proper certification must be noted on the front of the lineup sheet and the opposing team coach must be notified. The individuals not in possession will be fined as shown above.