The table below contains the current divisions for Spring 2015.

You can search for your team by typing your team’s name in either the text box next to the word “Search” or the text box at the bottom of the “Team_Name” column.

At the bottom of the “Division_Name” and “Club_Name” columns are drop down boxes to limit the results to a single division and/or club.

Please Note: Pay close attention to the “Division_Name” column when filtering table results.  It is possible to receive multiple divisions with similar names when filtering by Division Name.  We’re working to fix the issue.

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Please Note: all of the filters at the bottom of the columns work together. E.g. choosing “U-10 Girls Red” from the division filter with “Fraser” in the club filter will only show teams in the U-10 Girls Red division from the Fraser club.

To clear the division filter, return the drop down box to “Division_Name.” To clear the club filter, return the drop down box to “Club_Name.” To clear the team filter, remove your custom text from the text box.