TO: All MYSL Affiliates
DATE: April 20, 2020

The MYSL Board, in recognition of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the possible financial hardship it may have caused its affiliated members, would like to present those members who have decided not to participate in a Spring 2020 season the opportunity to receive either a credit toward the Fall 2020 registration or a refund of their Spring 2020 registration. MSPSP registration fee will only be refunded. Please Note: At this time, MYSL will, if possible, offer the opportunity for Spring/Summer soccer. This opportunity depends on a number of conditions, among which are players having MSYSA insurance, MSYSA deeming that it is safe to play, and civil authorities having removed restrictions on playing sports.


If you chose to play in the Summer session with any of your teams, will there be any DA or MSPSP players on those teams for the Summer session?

Please supply check number(s) that where used when paying fees for Spring 2020. This will aid in MYSL's book keeping and refund processing.

If you chose the refund option for any of your teams, please supply the name and mailing address for who MYSL will be sending the Spring 2020 registration fee refund to.

If you have teams you wish to have MSPSP registration fee(s) refunded for, please enter them here. To add a team click the "ADD ROW" box.


Please supply the name and mailing address for who MYSL will be sending the Spring 2020 MSPSP registration fee refund to.

By entering your name here and clicking Submit you verify that the information you've entered above is correct and you wish for MYSL to process your request.

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