How does it work?

You may start a submission from either the Tryout submission page or the Open House submission page.  Once a single event is entered you may follow one of three paths:

  1. Submit another event of the same type.  For example, a second Open House date.
  2. Move to the other event type and make a submission.  For example, I have submitted all of my Tryout dates, now I would like to submit an Open House date.
  3. Finalize your submission.  For example, I’ve submitted all of my Open House and Tryout dates, I would now like to send the submission to MYSL.

What is the cost?

The fees are as follows: $100 flat fee for any number of tryout dates.  $100 flat fee for any number of open house dates.  A $50 discount will be given for submitting both a tryout and an open house, making the total charge for both $150.

How do I pay?

The submission forms will ask for a VALID email address.  An invoice will be sent out, within 24 hours, via PayPal.  Failure to pay the invoice within THREE days will result in removal of your submissions from the MYSL website.

How do I search for Open Houses and/or Tryouts?

“Tryout Search” and “Open House Search” can be found under the “MYSL Information” menu at the top of the site.  From those search pages, you may search using any of the available criteria.  If you wish to see all events, simply leave the search form blank and click the search button.

The search will attempt to find events that match your exact criteria first.  If an exact match cannot be found, it will attempt to find partial matches.  If no partial matches can be found, all events will be displayed.