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Under-14 Girls: BRYC 01 Elite (VA) 0-1 PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) PSG MI Gators 02 Orange (MI) earned their second consecutive National Championship title after defeating BRYC 01 Elite (VA), 1-0. BRYC and PSG led their bracket in the Under-14 Girls group play, and although PSG defeated BRYC, 1-0 on Thursday, BRYC took the first seed. In the championship match, PSG did not let the group standing affect them as a first half goal from U.S. Youth National Team player Emily Mathews gave them the win. “It feels incredible,” PSG head coach Jeremy Harkins said. “I think some people don’t even realize how special it is to go back-to-back. Winning one is a dream come true, but two, I would have never imagined it. We felt that we had the experience to be able to play our game and to make other teams make adjustments to us and we did that today.” The first half of the championship match featured calm play from both teams. As PSG maintained the majority of the possession, they also created more opportunities. After continuous pressure and a little patience, PSG got on the board when they capitalized on a free kick play from about 35 yard away from the goal. The kick was played down the sideline for Caitlin O’Malley to run onto and send across the goal, where Justina Gaynor headed it and Gaynor ran through the ball into the net for the 1-0 lead. In the second half, BRYC kicked their game up a notch and looked to go forward more. Their work was rewarded with a free kick right after the whistle, but Jaden Steele’s shot went slightly over the goal. PSG responded to the pressure with composure as they took back control of the game and strived for a second goal, but the match remained 1-0 in PSG’s favor.

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