MYSL Specific Rules

Referee Rules specifically for teams playing in the MYSL 

All family, friends, relatives and team officials must remain on the team’s side. Home team will have side preference.

  1. Where colors of uniform are similar, the home team must effect a change to colors that are distinct from those of the opponent
  2. Referees do not check pass cards! Managers of each team check pass cards and the best time to do that is when the referee checks the teams in.
  3. Risk management must be checked- there must be a physical risk management card or document.  If there is no risk management that person may not be involved with coaching or managing at the game. Please write RM issues on the back of the game sheet.
  4. Referees may not tell a player he/she can’t play a match, if there is an issue that arises at the game, indicate it on the back of game sheet. For an example- player has no pass card and opposing manager challenges it.

Hal Mayer

MYSL Referee Liaison