Soccer on TV 10/1 – 10/6

playerDribblingSoccerBall  Today’s Guide The second round of UEFA Champions League group play takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday (All times Eastern unless noted. TV programming is always subject to change. Besides the exclusive streaming programming listed here, many networks and leagues* make TV programming available on streaming devices (online, tablets… Go To Full Post

The case for a full-service club: rec to comp

playerDribblingSoccerBall   The case for a full-service club: rec to comp By Charlie Slagle How important is it for a club to offer all levels of play — rec to comp? Soccer clubs in this country and around the world are tasked with developing players. Clubs are, also, tasked with instilling… Go To Full Post

For Kids Only . . . . . .

playerDribblingSoccerBall   For Kids Only … (With fall soccer starting around the country, the Youth Soccer Insider republishes this article, which first appeared in September 2009.) This column is for the kids. Adults can stop reading now. By Mike Woitalla Dear Soccer-Playing Children of America, The fall season is underway and… Go To Full Post